Weighing Systems for Tanks and Hoppers


They allow convert storage containers in real weighing units
Reported in real time the amount contained ensuring more effective management of your stock
They can accurately control the stock of solids, liquids or gases
They are installed and calibrated easily, quickly and safely
They can be applied to any type of tank, silo or hopper, either vertical or horizontal
They were designed to withstand corrosive or explosives environments
They are suitable for working outdoors due to their high durability and ruggedness

The Weighing Systems for Tanks and Hoppers manufactured by Vesta S.A. provide weighing solutions to satisfy current industry demands.

Our Weighing Systems for Tanks and Hoppers combine the precision and robustness of our Weight Indicators and Load Cells easily integrated with any software management to improve the profitability of your field.


Systems integrated by Load Cells and Indicator or Weight Controller
Ideal for stock supervision, dosage, etc.
Wide range of capacities
Suitable for corrosive or explosive environments
Weight indicator with PC or printer connection

The Weighing Systems for Tanks and Hoppers by Vesta facilitate stock content control and increase your profitability


Vesta S.A. is a leading company in the development and manufacture of electronic scales for agricultural and industrial applications.

Since 1990 we ship our products worldwide, helping our customers solve their weighing needs.