Grain Carts with Springs


They allow weight the contents of seed or fertilizer directly into the hopper, facilitating plant more hectares in less time
Ensure effective control of the product and its efficient distribution
Simplify the handling of seed in bulk using high-precision data that improve the performance of your field
They provide an accurate view of exactly amount of seeds are and how many hectares can be planted

The Scales for Grain Carts with Springs manufactured by Vesta S.A. provide weighing solutions to satisfy the demands of today’s agricultural market.

Our Scales for Grain Carts with Springs combine precise load cells with a robust management software and does very easy to use to improve the profitability of your earnings.


Installed on 2 axle Grain Carts with springs
Easy to operate, with simples functions by keypad
Memory: Quantity of operations and Total accumulated weight
Connection to a Printer or PC (optional)
Printer (optional)

The Scales for Grain Carts with Springs by Vesta simplify control of your seeds to increase your profitability


Vesta S.A. is a leading company in the development and manufacture of electronic scales for agricultural and industrial applications.

Since 1990 we ship our products worldwide, helping our customers solve their weighing needs.