Portable Scales for Grain Carts



They allow them to know how much profit is giving your field, lot or parcel in an exact location
They are ideal for weighing seed testing
Facilitate weighing and data collection in situ
Save time on manual calculations and avoid human error

The Portable Scales for Grain Carts manufactured by Vesta S.A. provide weighing solutions to satisfy the demands of today’s agricultural market.

Our Portable Scales for Grain Carts combine the precision and robustness of our Weight Indicators and Load Cells easily integrated with any software management to improve the profitability of your field.


Capacity: 20 & 28 tons
Easy to transport
Allow data entry and download to a PC
Platforms with Ramps and Handles
Printer (optional)

Data Collector with Weighing System

Mod. 3502 - wired
Mod. 3504 - wireless
Easy to operate; simple functions via keypad
Rechargeable built-in Battery
Memory: 650 records

The Portable Scales for Grain Carts by Vesta facilitate performance monitoring and increase your profitability


Vesta S.A. is a leading company in the development and manufacture of electronic scales for agricultural and industrial applications.

Since 1990 we ship our products worldwide, helping our customers solve their weighing needs.