Digi-Star is an international provider of measurement solutions designed to optimize agricultural performance.

As Digi-Star Partners, we distribute its products throughout the country.


Indicator GT 560

Increased microprocessor power with firmware updatable via USB stick
Hour Meter, Maintenance Message, and Custom Sign-On Message
Retention of all GT 460 features
Grain Moisture Data recording during unloading and Dry Bushel calculation (Option)
GPS Location Data recorded for both Loading and Unloading locations (Option)

Indicator EZ2500V

Provides basic features for most applications. Ideal for mixers and grain cart!
Improved visibility with new larger brighter, high-contrast display
Show total number of loads, total weight, accumulated and average weight
Hold Key to freeze the displayed weight when moving the equipment
Optional - Remote and Serial ports

Indicator EZ3600V

Bi-directional data transfer for total feed management via USB or RF DataLink™
Program rations at your PC or from the front panel of your indicator
Compatible with TMR Tracker® Feed Management Software and third-party bunk read programs
Choose how you want to feed: load-by-load, predetermined loads, or you pick the recipe and pens to feed
Keeps up-to-date feed changes or reuse data from day-to-day

Indicator TST 7600

Full featured mixer scale indicator that allows producers to make adjustments scale side and records the data for use in TMR Tracker
Can look at a three-day feed history scale side, enhancing their ability to quickly identify changes in consumption or dry matter
Can change dry matter (DM) and record refusals at the scale eliminating additional paperwork in the cab
Resistive screen responsive to touch even when gloves are worn, along with clear graphics and intuitive buttons which will make training new feeders easier
Works in conjunction with any of the Digi-Star indicators or ScaleLink and is compatible with most of Digi-Star's wireless communication systems

Software TRM Tracker

Windows® based Feed Management System
Allowing producers to easily monitor the day-to-day feeding process
Helps manage feed inventory
Provides the option to share feeding data with the farm's management team

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